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Benefits of Cosmetic Injectables


If you want to improve your facial appearance without undergoing surgery, cosmetic injectables may be right for you. This type of treatment manages to be both minimally invasive and effective. If you are interested in this popular option, you should schedule a time to talk to an experienced Wichita plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Stacy Peterson, MD. In the meantime, take a look at the ways in which cosmetic injectables can benefit you.

1. Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles

One of the most common reasons people go to a Wichita plastic surgeon for cosmetic injectables is to get rid of wrinkles. As you might have discovered, wrinkles are just a fact of life as you age. But just because they are a natural side effect of getting older does not mean you have to continue to see them every time you look in the mirror. Instead, you can get cosmetic injectables to fill in any wrinkles on your face, resulting in a younger look for several months after each treatment session.

2. Improve the Appearance of Facial Scars

Cosmetic injectables can improve the appearance of scars by filling in any depressions in the skin, which scars often create. For this reason, if you have any scars on your face that you would like to make disappear — or at least become less noticeable — you should consult with a plastic surgeon. Wichita, KS is a great place to be in this instance because you can meet with Dr. Stacy Peterson, MD to determine if this is the right treatment for you. And if it’s not, you can find out your other options when it comes to smoothing out any scarring.

3. Plump Up Your Lips

If you have ever wanted fuller lips, you might want to talk to a Wichita plastic surgeon for information on cosmetic injectables. This treatment allows you to decide just how full you want your lips to look, since your doctor can then inject a certain amount to get the look you desire. You can even get your injectables gradually, with treatment sessions spaced apart, if you want to make sure the result looks subtle and natural to everyone around you.

4. Soften Any Creases in Your Face

If you have any fine lines on your face, cosmetic injectables can get rid of them the same way they reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They essentially just fill in the creases to result in skin that looks smoother and more youthful. If you have always wanted flawless skin free of creases of any kind, it’s time to talk to a Wichita plastic surgeon to find out if an injectable would be right for your facial skin.

Fortunately, since cosmetic injectables are minimally invasive, this turns out to be the right treatment for many people. After all, there is no surgery, no long recovery period and few side effects for most patients. Of course, you can always combine this treatment with other common procedures that can improve your appearance, such as breast augmentationliposuction or tummy tuck. And if it turns out that cosmetic injectables won’t get you the results you want, a facelift might be a better option. You’ll find out when you contact popular Wichita plastic surgeon Dr. Stacy Peterson, MD. Fill out our form or call today to schedule your first visit!