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Frequently Asked Questions About Facelifts

With age comes wisdom, but as you might be noticing now, loose skin in the face and neck area also comes along for the journey. If you long for the days when the skin on your face and neck was tighter and didn’t give away your age, it’s time to find a qualified Wichita plastic surgeon who can give you a facelift. This treatment can eliminate excess fat and skin in the face, getting rid of any jowls or sagging you might have noticed so you have a smoother, younger look. But before you schedule the surgery, you should know what to expect from it.

What Is The Best Age for Facelift Surgery?

Everyone’s skin and bone structure is different, so there’s no perfect age for a facelift. One person might still look young at 40, while another 40-year-old might look much older and would benefit from finding a Wichita plastic surgeon to perform the surgery. But in general, a good age range for Wichita facelift surgery is between 40 and 60 years old. Keep in mind that regardless of your age, you have to be in good health to qualify as a candidate for this surgery. This means you must not have any medical problems that would prevent healing after your facelift, and you should be a nonsmoker, since smoking can negatively affect the healing process after surgery.

What Different Kinds of Facelift Surgery Are There?

The kind of facelift you get depends on how you want to change your facial skin. A traditional facelift is a common option, and it involves removing fat and excess skin while lifting the facial muscles to create a smoother look. If you want a smaller incision and slightly less drastic results, you can get a mini facelift in which your Wichita plastic surgeon makes smaller cuts and repositions the skin as needed. If you are only concerned about the middle of your face, such as your cheeks and nose area, you can get a mid-facelift that focuses on smoothing out the middle part of your face. Regardless of which type of facelift you get, you can combine it with a neck lift to smooth out any sagging skin on the neck.

How Do I Prepare for My Procedure?

If you want to get a facelift from an experienced Wichita plastic surgeon, you should first schedule a consultation with Dr. Stacy Peterson, MD. At that time, he will ask you questions about your general health and the results you’re hoping for to make sure you are a good candidate. He will also tell you which type of facelift would be right for you, and whether you need any other procedures first to prepare your facial skin for the surgery.

How Long Is the Recovery Process?

Like any type of surgery, a facelift has a recovery period that you’ll need to plan for. In most cases, you should plan to be home recovering and managing any pain or discomfort for a few days after the surgery. You can usually return to work within one to two weeks, though you can expect for your face to look swollen and bruised for about two to four weeks. Your face should look completely healed after about 12 months, so you can proudly show off your younger appearance around Wichita.

For many people in Wichita, breast augmentation surgeryliposuction and facelift are just some of the procedures that can lead to more confidence in their appearance. If you are interested in these or other surgeries and want to discuss your options with a Wichita plastic surgeon, contact Dr. Stacy Peterson, MD today.