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FAQ About Breast Implants – Wichita Plastic Surgeon Dr. Stacy L. Peterson, M.D.

 Wichita Plastic Surgeon

Wichita Plastic Surgeon Dr. Stacy L. Peterson, M.D.

In our practice, over 85% of augmentation patients prefer silicone implants. Reconstruction Patients- 98%. Breast implants fall under two main categories: silicone and saline. While both types of implants have an outer casing made of silicone, the filling in each differs.

In saline implants, the silicone casing is first put in place and then filled with sterile salt water, which allows for a smaller incision. Saline-filled implants are considered safer than silicone-filled implants, as you can easily tell when a rupture occurs and your body harmlessly absorbs the leaking saline.

Silicone implants, on the other hand, are filled with silicone gel, which is thicker and closer in feel to human fat. The disadvantage with these implants is that you often won’t be able to tell if there is a leak. However, there is currently no evidence to support claims that silicone-filled implants cause health risks.

What’s the Difference Between Round and Teardrop-Shaped Implants?

Round implants are by far the most common type found. They are softer and fuller than teardrop implants and are symmetrical, which minimizes the concern of implant rotation after surgery. Teardrop implants are a recent innovation that more closely mimics the look of natural breasts. They also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, offering more control in the end result. However, they require a textured surface to prevent the implant from rotating that is more easily felt through the breast tissue. Teardrop implants are also made with a more durable silicone, which makes them less likely to rupture but also more expensive than round implants.

Wichita Plastic Surgeon Dr. Stacy L. Peterson, M.D. will not use teardrop implants because of the texturing and their tendency to rotate. Several of Dr. Peterson’s physician friends from other countries stopped using teardrop shaped and have cautioned him not to use them because of high rates of reoperation to fix the rotated implant.

How Will I Know What Type, Size and Shape of Implants Are Right for Me?

It is important to consult with your surgeon to discuss what the best options for you might be, based on your physiology, personal preferences, and goals.

What Appointments Are Required Before and After the Procedure?

The first step is to book a consultation with your surgeon to discuss the plan for your procedure. You may then be asked to have a mammogram or breast X-ray to provide your surgeon with an image of your breast tissue before surgery and to identify any potential issues.

Once the procedure is complete, follow-up appointments are one day one week one month and as needed.

Are All These Appointments Included in the Overall Price?

The initial consultation and all follow-up appointments are included in the overall price.

What Is the Average Recovery Period for Your Patients?

Most patients return to normal activity within seven to 10 days after surgery, but soreness and swelling may persist for a few weeks. It is recommended that you refrain from strenuous activity during the first two weeks after surgery and avoid heavy lifting for at least four weeks. Some types of incisions and placements may require a longer recovery period.

Now that you’re equipped with the information needed to get started, it’s time to achieve the body of your dreams. You’ll be in great hands with Wichita plastic surgeon Stacy L. Peterson, M.D. Contact us today to set up a consultation.