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Dr. Stacy Peterson, MD offers a selection of skin care services that exfoliate and smooth the skin for a rejuvenated appearance. These skin care treatments give patients multiple options to help reduce wrinkles, age spots, dead skin cells, “peach fuzz,” acne, and other imperfections. Kim Wilson R.N., B.S.N., personally administers each skin care service with professional expertise and patient care. Learn more about our skin care options to see which treatment best fits your specific needs. With credentials and experience, Wichita plastic surgeon Dr. Stacy Peterson, MD gives the care and results you deserve!

This skin resurfacing procedure removes soft facial hair and dead skin, while exfoliating and rejuvenating the face. Dermaplane is performed using a special surgical blade to gently scrape away the thin outer layer of dead epidermal cells and fine vellus hairs. This non-invasive and safe treatment can also help reduce fine lines and acne scars. Dermaplane is usually performed every 3-4 weeks, and can be combined with other skincare treatments.

For a more youthful appearance, microdermabrasion rejuvenates the skin by thickening your collagen. This treatment gently sands the outer skin layer to help stimulate the growth of new skin cells. Microdermabrasion is used to treat sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, light scarring, black heads, hyperpigmentation, and congested skin. There is one treatment per month and dermaplane is included.

Chemical Peels
This procedure involves the application of a chemical that gently peels away the damaged outer skin. The remaining skin texture is smoother and more youthful in appearance. Chemical peels can be used on the face, neck or hands to treat a variety of imperfections. These include: wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, scars, liver spots, irregular pigmentation, scaly patches, sun damage, freckles, acne, and dark patches. Dr. Stacy Peterson MD offers a diverse selection of chemical peels for specific treatment options.

Every Skincare Treatment Receives a
FREE Glo Minerals makeup application

  • GloGlycolic 30%-60% Peel: Photo-damaged skin, aging skin, hyperpigmentation, and mild acne.


  • GloSalicytic 30% Peel: Mild acne, dull skin, hyperpigmentation, rough calloused skin, and aging skin.


  • GloModified Jessners 14% Peel: Dull skin, fine lines, superficial scar tissue, freckles, sun damage, aging skin, mild acne, hyperpigmentation.


  • GloAlphaBeta (17% glycolic, 17% lactic, 17% salicylic): Thickened skin, congested and oily skin, acneic breakouts, dull skin, fine lines, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation.


  • GloTriplex (30% glycolic, modified TCA 10%, 10% salicylic): Congested and oily skin, fine lines, sun damage, and dull and uneven complexions.


  • GloModified TCA 15% Peel: Congested skin, aging skin, fine lines, sun damage, and uneven skin tone and texture.